Top Tips for New Teachers

Entering the wonderful world of teaching? Having nightmares about being eaten alive by your class? Terrified of crumbling in front of your pupils? Anxious about applying for your first teaching job? Worried how to teach whilst maintaining your social life? Keen to make the transition into teaching as smooth as possible? Well, ‘Top Tips for New Teachers’ is the book for you.

This book is crammed with content to help accelerate your progression in becoming an excellent teacher. It covers topics from a wide range of areas: behaviour management, pedagogy, professional development, pay, productivity and wellbeing amongst others. Every teacher should have it on their shelf.

Top Tips for New Teachers’ is also a must-have for all those in leadership positions, as a reminder of how to support teachers to make the progress required to become excellent practitioners in their discipline. It will enable your teachers to fast-track their progress and improve outcomes for pupils within your school.